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Rooster on Pecking Spree Today?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by ClareScifi, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. ClareScifi

    ClareScifi Songster

    Mar 30, 2011
    Oh, dear.

    I had to go to a dr's appointment, so I put Baby and Esther and Buttery Blanche in the run. Merry Etta wouldn't go in, so I kept Saffrenee with her, outside.

    When I got back from the appointment, all seemed well. I went into the run, and Esther had laid a big beautiful egg in the roosters' side of the coop there. Baby was standing atop the fir branches that cover the raised bed in the middle of the run, and I bent over slightly hunting for eggs under the branches.

    Baby then jumped onto my back, something he has not done for a while. I was a bit worried he might try to mate with my scalp, but he didn't.

    He jumped back off into the fir branches and followed me outside.

    I had a large-sized yogurt container in my hand. I was wearing pants I don't normally wear, dress pants of brown and bright red socks and my good coat, which makes some noise when I walk and has a fur-trimmed hood.

    Suddenly baby started pecking the back of my leg like mad. It really hurt. This scares me. He has always been such a sweet, gentle rooster, but I've read that nice roosters often turn mean at 5 months.

    Do you think something I did could have provoked this outburst? I wondered whether the yogurt container looked like a big beak to him, or whether there was something about my brown pants and furry jacket and red socks that he didn't like.

    I talked to him gently and sat down on a bench until he calmed down. Then he was fine.

    Do you suppose having been separated from his dear, sweet beloved Saffrenee for a few hours could have upset him? Buttery Blanche and Esther don't seem interested in his affections.

    Baby knows I love him. Am I his surrogate hen?! I am afraid I may be.

    How do I nip this pecking in the bud right now? I don't want to have to keep him cooped up all the time, but he can't be pecking strangers, either.

    All tips will be appreciated. I have read that you should pick them right up when they peck you and hold them in your arms until they calm down. Or hold them upside down by their legs, but if they are eating any food, they can choke to death that way, so that way scares me.

    I tend to think it was something I was wearing or the yogurt container or the swishy sound my jacket makes?


  2. teach1rusl

    teach1rusl Love My Chickens

    I would guess that it was your strange (to him) attire - red is especially eye catching. But whatever it was, nip it in the bud now...don't ignore it. Put him in his place somehow, whether it's carrying him around, holding him down for a few seconds, or whatever. He's still at the formative age, so teach him well so that you can enjoy him being around for years to come.
  3. ClareScifi

    ClareScifi Songster

    Mar 30, 2011
    Thanks for the info. I just read that you can pick them up and hold them belly up and stroke from their wattles to their vent to tame the aggression out of them, but I'm afraid with Baby he might see it as a reward for bad behavior, because he loves to be petted?

    Another method I read is to put your finger on their beak and push their head down. Then you can take your finger off the beak and once the rooster lifts his head (you are holding him in your arms), push the beak down again, repeatedly until he knows you are boss. This method seems somewhat easy and is said to tame the most aggressive rooster.

    Has anyone tried it, and does it really work? What other methods are there? I read you can hypnotize a rooster by holding it on the ground and drawing an imaginary line out from its beak, repeatedly.

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