Rooster personality change after attack

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    Aug 23, 2015
    I have a sweet serama rooster that was attacked by a huge cat about 2 weeks ago. He had puncture wounds under both wounds that unfortunately got infected. After a week of antibiotics, the infection has cleared up and his wounds are healing.
    His personality seems to have changed a lot. He won't crow anymore, doesn't flap his wings much, doesn't make many chirps and won't mate with his ladies. He sleeps a lot and I still need to give him treats for him to eat much. I'm wondering if he will be this way permanently or if the process of healing will take a lot longer and he's depressed?
    If anyone else who've had something similar happen could give me some advice that would be great! Thanks
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    Serama's may not be all that tough. Antibiotics I use in an emergency but at times they damage the benificial bacterial flora that chicken works with to process food. This is where the yogurt treatment might actually work to restore some of the bacterial community in the gut. Also incrementally add greens to the diet as well as live insects as they may also help as probiotics. Also pump him up with some fresh chick starter which will have easier to digest protein, energy and vitamins. A couple of my game stags that had to be treated with antibiotics got skinny and off-game so I released them for almost 60 days to get them back into health. Process is slow and does not always work. So stressed birds during molt will not grow quality feathers so impacts can be seen even a year later.
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    He was very ill, probably has damaged muscles, and had a terrible scare. He needs good food and time to get well! Mary
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    Nov 7, 2015
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    Aug 23, 2015
    Thank you all for your responses! I've been giving him a probiotic/ electrolyte drink every day, live mealworms, chick starter, sunflower seeds and other grains and I let him free range with his girls as it seems to perk him up.
    I bring him in for snacks and a nap mid day ( I work from home) and at night. He also gets sprayed with Vetericyn daily to help with healing.
    I washed and packed the wounds with antibiotic creme but they still got infected (the cat was feral) and he had to have antibiotics. The smell from the wounds was terrible.

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