Rooster problem, intergrading, young pullets scared.

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  1. Let me explain our situation first of all.

    At our farm, we have 8 egg layin machines that are all 1-3 years old.

    we have 11 pullets and 1 rooster that are all 12 weeks old, and we have them in the same area just fenced from eachother. Since the rooster (general tso) has grown up with the pullets he is the lead in the pecking order, and he is a control freak when it comes to them.

    so yesterday we let them all rome together and we have a huge area for them to all run so there wasn't to much pecking. The only problem was that they all traveled in a group and they were acting so scared, not even pecking the ground or getting the goodies I was tossing them, general was guiding them around untill they eventually ended up back into thier coop and thats where they stayed. I went in and closed the fence cause they weren't going anywhere anyways. They stayed in thier little coop the whole day and night.

    I came in today and they were as happy as can be back into thier own little run, where the hens can't reach them.

    my question is how do I stop general from bossing all the young pullets around, and how to get them not so afraid.

    I could mix them all together but I don't want them to be so scared and also they aren't eating the same food yet.

    Please help, I don't really want to have to get rid of General.
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    You might try putting the General in with the older hens, without the baby girls. Older hens often teach young roos some manners. Then, after about a week or 2 of them being together and getting settled, (there will be a few ruckuses at first, do not be alarmed!) you should be able to put the younger ones in with them. Again, there will be a few dust-ups, but probably nothing to really be concerned about. They'll have to establish pecking order.
    Hens will peck each other, but it's rare for them to do any serious harm to each other. There is often a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    With so many more females to divide attention between, the General probably won't be quite so bossy, but a certain amount of that is normal, and to be expected. Unless he's an unusually rough roo, it should work out ok.

    Good luck, I hope it all works out for you.
  3. Ok I am going to put him in with the older ladies right now. I'll leave him in with them and what about tonight when it's dark, will he go in thier coop and sleep or panick and stay outside??

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