Rooster Problems.

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  1. Chivette

    Chivette Hatching

    Sep 23, 2013
    Stanwood, WA
    I used to have chicks, until I had to move into a new apartment.
    My landlords (on the same property) have 9 hens and an AWFUL rooster.
    I went outside today, to find the rooster brutalizing and mounting one of the hens.
    I ran to the coop and removed her from the situation.
    She was gushing blood from her head and limping.
    She has been watching Netflix on our couch and been spoiled all day.
    I told the landlord I am going to watch her until her head heals, but I'm not sure if the other hens will hate her and if the rooster will continue to reject her.
    My landlords didn't seem to care at all when I explained what had happened & that not only worries me, but scares me as well!!
    I'm considering keeping her, in our apartment as a solo chicken...?
    Any advice?

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