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I have a six week old cockerel that I am trying to rehome. (where I live, I can't have roosters) So far, all of the people interested in him tell me that they need a friendly roo because the last one they had "turned mean". My little guy is very tame and has been handled a lot and is very sweet. He is also not at the top of the pecking order in the group of chicks (all the same age) and doesn't bully any of the chicks. I think he would be a nice mannered rooster when he matures based on how he is now, but I am concerned about him being adopted then "turning mean". I read somewhere on here that cockerels that are raised with a lot of handling turn into dominant roosters when the hormones develop and attack people. Is this true? Is there hope for my little roo?


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Yes there's hope for your little roo. I don't think handling is what makes the roo turn mean. It's just that if the roo is already dispositioned to turn mean and he's not at least a little afraid of people, it just makes it that much easier for him to attack.
People need to realize that you cannot guarantee them a gentle roo. If they want him, they want him. They'll just have to wait and see.


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I agree with Gritsar. I have a roo that was the "favorite" of my first group of chicks. He was the one that was handled all of the time by myself and my kids. Well now he is starting to turn on us and I have had him come at me and peck my feet/ankles. I still pick him up on occassions but he usually pecks my wrists/hands until I have him in the air. Once I have him, he calms down and relaxes.

Also when I put him down he usually gets attacked by the other roos. So that may also be the issue there because he knows he is going to get picked on. I don't know since I am still learning.


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I don't think I can improve on Gritsar's post.

Unfortunately the only way to up the chances of a friendly roo is by genetics... even then it's a crap-shoot.

Most folks know when they get or keep roosters, they are taking their chances. If they're looking for a friendly roo, they're going to have a tough time - a friendly roo is like a gentle children's pony - worth their weight in gold.

Good luck - I'm sure you'll find a good home.


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I'm really glad you asked this question. I've only had my baby chicks for 2 days but I've already made a pet out of a little Partridge Rock cockerel (at least he is supposed to be male...he came marked with orange). I call him King Louis and he falls asleep in my hand while I'm watching t.v. or reading BYC Forums. Then I talked to my Mom today and she told me that back on the farm the roosters that I made pets of usually started flogging people, thereby earning themselves a one way ticket to the stew pot. I was all prepared to ignore my new little friend to save him from such a fate. Now I know that even if his highness gets mean, it wasn't from my babying him.


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Nov 9, 2007
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Welcome to BYC Criskim!
Yep, your mom was right. Pick one of your little pullets to baby. Let the cockerel stay just a little bit afraid of you.
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