Rooster question..

Henrys mom

8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
I bought 4 chickens at 6 weeks old. One was a Rooster. (Gus) I loved to see him develop his own "style" of crowing, it was unique to say the least. I had a co-worker who needed a home for her last remaininf beautiful black laying hen (about 3 yrs old). I brought her into the flock and she was accepted by the girls. But Gus, on the other hand, tried to kill her. REALLY. This was not a mating thing. I tried everything, but since I got chickens for the eggs, and the new hen was laying, I had to find a good home for Gus. I did, and he is doing well among a flock of Bantams!
Question is - why would this rooster attack a chicken? I mean, c'mon, she could have been a part of his "harem"
Any insights to this behavior?


9 Years
Nov 1, 2010
New Hampsha
Rosters can change their behavior from one day to the next ... I had 4 roos that grew up together has chicks ... they were
all getting along fine for the last 5 months until today. When I came home from work I found 3 of the roos were ganging up on, and would have probably killed the 4th roo.

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