Rooster Selecting Inapproprate Roost

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    Jan 12, 2009
    Hi! Oviedo the city our credit union is located in is well know for its chickens, who live within the city; taking of residence where they decide. The city has ordinances protecting them, and most business owners feed them. Living in Central Florida, the temperature is quite nice most of the time, and thankfully the chickens typically get along well.

    We have a wide variety of breeds of chickens; although our rooster count greatly outnumbers that of our hens. Our chickens roost in the trees. However, a few days ago a new rooster showed up (sometimes locals get tired of their crowing roosters and abandon them in town). This guy looks like a buff Orpington. But he clearly is out of his element, and is trying to roost in our bank's drive thru. We are concerned about him (especially with cold weather expected) and would appreciate any assistance on how we can make his transition from a backyard bird to a free bird. While the other chickens mingle; hens going off with different roosters frequently, the new rooster is all alone. We cannot construct a permanent shelter, but any recommendations on what type of temporary shelter we could provide a good size rooster, and how to convince him to use it would be appreciated.

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    any chance of catching him while he is asleep after dark and putting him in a safe place until the weather improves and there is a lot of bugs and new plant growth for him to eat and stay strong? It is only a few weeks, and it might mean the world to him, literally. Good for you for caring. Welcome to BYC!!!

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