Rooster spur removal??

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    I have 2 roosters (well-behaved) with my flock of 10 hens. Note: I'm adding 6 more pullets here shortly, once they are big enough to integrate with my flock. Both of my roosters, we love, there is a #1 and #2 and they mostly interact well, know their places, and as long as we get the coop open by 9 am, no blood will be shed between them. We have one golden buff hen, named Baldie, because she has no feathers on her back, sides and saddle from roosting mounting. None of my other hens are bald, they occasionally have a few feathers missing, but not to this extreme and certainly not for this long (several months). I noticed today that the right side of this hen has a wound that is at least 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. She tends to run from the roosters, and now I know why, she is hurt.

    I immediately removed her from the flock and put in our "chicken clinic" (our mud porch with heat lamps and calm surroundings). We put Neosporin on her wound, hoping that we caught any infection. I plan to keep her away from the flock until her wounds are completely healed and feathers have returned (for her safety).

    So here is my question, is there any way to humanely remove the rooster spurs to prevent hen damage? I've tried the hen aprons, didn't work, hens didn't like them and doesn't work well in the summer heat. Any recommendations on humanely removing rooster spurs? Need help, love my roos, but also love my hens!!
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    I've seen videos on youtube that shows how to remove them with a pair of pliers and one that removed them with a dremel tool (using the little grinding wheel). Judging by the roo's reaction, or lack of one, both seemed to work well. You may do a search on youtube for the videos.
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    Are they bantams or large flock???
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    Quote:You could also get aprons
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    Dog nail trimmers also work.

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