Rooster suddenly can’t walk


Apr 24, 2019
Last night he walked healthy into the coop. This morning he is hobbling around not able to stand up. Looked closely at his feet and they look fine. It’s almost like he injured himself in the coop? We have separated him into a small pen for the day. I am not sure how to tell if it’s an injury or even what to do to help heal it? Any ideas or helpful tips on how to diagnose and treat hurt legs? Any ideas on what else it could be? I have videos of him hobbling but I don’t see how to attach them here? There is a cut on his ankle from hobbling this morning but his feet look ok to me


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He may have gotten it caught some how and injured it trying to get loose. Is he your only boy? It may just be strained/sprained and very sore, those can take awhile to resolve sometimes. For a video, you have to upload to another host, like youtube, and then put the link here for the video to show up.
I will attach a manual at the bottom that explains how to examine for a fracture, just in case needed. I would not splint unless you feel that something is broken. If he's having trouble staying upright then a chicken sling may help to let him rest it, and make it easier for him to eat and drink. Some examples pictured below, you do need to supervise so that he does not injure himself more trying to get out of it. You may need to crate him to get him to rest it, I would use a wire crate in the coop or run, so he can still see and be seen by the others.





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Are we ok the leave the rooster in the sling for a week? Or do we have to take him out at night? We plan to leave him in the sling in a cage in the coop at night. Will his feet be ok from cold? I know normally they cover them with their body at night.
I wouldn't leave him in it around the clock, give him periods in and out of it. Anytime he's unsupervised there is a risk he could hurt himself if he tries to get out of it. Things happen, things we can't always predict. Animals can act and react in unexpected ways. He is very likely to be inactive and stationary at night, so will be resting it then anyway.

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