Rooster wheezing loudly with every breath and sneezing often.

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    today as soon as i walked into my coop, the first thing i noticed was my least dominant silkie roo (who can always be found hidden from the other birds (his tormentors) squeezed somehow behind the nesting boxs,) wheezing quite loudly with every breath, he didnt even want to come out of hiding for food and water...ive brought him inside and put him in my brooder cage in the mudroom, so that he may eat and drink.
    he is still wheezing and he is now sneezing frequently. is this just a cold from not cuddling with the other birds at night? or as i fear, something far worse?

    my little ShyGuy, hiding under/behind the nesting boxs.
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    It sounds as though he has a respiratory infection which could be viral, bacterial, or fungal in nature. Some common ones are infectious brochitis (IB,) mycoplasma galiisepticum (CRD or MG,) or coryza. There are many others. Look for watery eyes, bubbles in eyes, nasal mucus, and swelling around the eyes or face. Certain diseases can be treated with antibiotics, but some of these will cause your whole flock to become carriers. Here is a list of diseases with symptoms and treatments:
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