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I have tried everything, and I give up!!!
He is a RIR, absolutely beautiful, regal, even keeps raccoons and opossums out of the yard, but I am tired at his aggressive behavior and 24/7 crowing. He has made all chickens chores a problem as he kicks, pecks and raises a ruckus no matter what. I have tried all suggestions on BYC and I am throwing in the towel. Problem is.... now what? I don't want to cook him, I think that would make my Dh ill.... but I hate to give a problem to someone else. Down the road from me, there are chickens that free range a field. Would it be ethical to take him there and let him loose? And more importantly, would he find his way back home like a dog? No one lives on the land, just cows and chickens.... what do you think? Plus, his disappearance, how will it affect my 4 RIR hens? Sometimes I think they hate him, since he can be so mean, but they have yet to start laying (26 weeks) and am wondering if this will set them back further?
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I'm sorry to hear of your problem. It happens. I had to rehome a WCBlue Polish once for the exact same reasons.

I don't think I could have abandoned it though.

Could you sell or give him away on Craig's list?

Good luck.
Not sure anyone will take him, because I am going to be truthful about why I am getting rid of him. The field down the road has a huge coop and run, and all kinds of feeders (yep, I jumped the fence to check it out before thinking about it). They have dozens of different types of chickens and they seem to be living the good life. Would that be abandoning him? Maybe he wouldn't fit in, since he is so dang aggressive.... so confused!!! I just know I can't keep this up.... I have open sores where he has ripped my skin off while I try to feed them or change their water!
Well if there is food and water there then I guess he'd be OK.

Did you ever give him a swift kick??/not enough to injure him... just enough so he knows who is boss?
No matter how ideal the place down the road looks it's really not an ethical option. I'd be furious if an unknown chook got dropped off at my place amongst my freeranging flock and exposing them to who knows what. You may be sure that your roo isn't carrying anything, but what a bird is used to (and not botherd by) can vary even if it's just down the road so there is really no way to know for sure if it's safe for him or the other flock without doing a proper quarantine, and that isn't what you're talking about.

If you can't butcher and eat him yourself put the add up on CL and someone else will.
Swift kick? YEP..... whack on beak.... YEP.....sprayed with water.....YEP..... trip to the vet to make sure he is healthy....YEP, just this Friday.... I think he is just a very aggressive roo

Good point about the neighbors... guess I will post an honest ad on craigs list... maybe someone will want a good meaty dinner.... I am afraid he is not good for much else. I just hate to think of his life being over... he is so beautiful, and so protective of his hens (except he eats FIRST LOL)

Hopefully someone out there can handle him and he will not end up in a stock pot
YEAH!!!!! Found a home for my roo! Craig's list worked! Had to go through allot of interviews, but found a man who owns a farm and has hens but no roo and is looking for a protective, aggressive roo to take care/protect his hens. He came out, tried to handle him, saw his aggressiveness and said yes. Of course, first thing I thought was he was looking for a roo for fighting. I went to his farm.... he raises bees, chickens, goats, a small pig (4H) and NO fighting roosters in sight. I hope it is all as it seems, he is picking him up on Saturday. I feel so MUCH better... he is going to a good home and not a stew pot!
I know they are not all that way but my RIR roosters were all mean and I had seven to choose from! All rehomed.

I must say that my BO is making a good roo. So far. And there was a time just a couple of weeks ago that I was worried he would not.
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