Rooster with brain damage?

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    Hi everyone, and happy holidays to all!

    Long story short...we had to move our last free range rooster (others were eaten by foxes) into the coop with his brothers (2) and sisters (13). I know we're rooster overloaded, but things had been fine.

    Little rooster was seriously beat up by big thug. He looks normal enough, but seems to be blind or brain damaged...he eats and drinks when I give him food, but can't quite seem to find it in the coop. He does get off his roosting pole and moves around timidly, and eats from a container I place in front of him. There is nothing unusual about how his eyes look. He pecks at things, but misses the mark.

    Anyone have anything like this happen, and if so, what did you do? I am not interested in culling the poor thing, and am okay with handfeeding him if necessary, and getting him his own small coop in the spring. He has two hens who are quite close to him, and seems to be getting along okay.

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    Can you bring him in the house (such as into a dog crate or something) to keep an eye on him? It may be temporary (hopefully! [​IMG] ). Giving him a vitamin supplement (such as Poly-Vi-Sol WITHOUT iron) right now may be helpful too while he heals from from his injury.

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    Quote:That sounds like a very good idea BarkerChickens. Maybe thats all he will need to put himself on the mend. [​IMG]

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