Rooster with Crooked / Broken Tail


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Jan 12, 2019
I'm really hoping this can occur from an injury and I'm not dealing with something else. All evidence points toward it being from a hawk attack but I wanted to make sure. I have a young roo that suddenly has a crooked tail. A few weeks ago we lost a hen to a hawk and recently I found a pile of feathers from his favorite hen but she's perfectly fine, so I can only assume he chased the hawk off but now his tail is crooked! It isn't terrible, he's walking normally and doesn't seem to be in any kind of discomfort but it is noticeably crooked.

They did recently have a mild case of fowl pox that passed quickly and without issue.
They get organic chick crumble with free choice oyster shell so he isn't getting too much calcium. I also give healthy table scraps, garden trimmings, and they free range in a sectioned off area.
The rest of the flock seems perfectly healthy and normal.

I'm aware of wry tail and Mareks...I don't think that's what this is but I just wanted to get some opinions as to whether this can happen from a hawk attack or if that was a coincidence and I need to look into other causes. Thanks in advance!

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