Rooster with dry red vent, no bugs


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA
Hi folks, need help with my 1 1/2 year old Easter Egger roo please. Did a routine butt check today and discovered his vent is dry, red, and inflamed. No evidence of lice or any other parasites. Plenty of fluffy feathers except right at the vent, where he is clearly picking at them. His behavior is completely normal, he eats, mates, crows, runs from my Jersey Giant rooster, and aside from some recent minor comb injuries from the big roo, he has no other symptoms at all. He smells fine too. Unknown what his feces is like, I have not yet isolated him. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Thanks!
I hope that's all it is. My soil is acidic, and he eats a lot of acid-loving weeds. Maybe it threw the Ph off.

He isn't hen-pecked, he's actually well liked. I have seen one or two hens gently grooming his head, which I thought was a little weird. He has a spot on the back of his head that looks so much like male pattern baldness I have to laugh. Checked repeatedly for lice, none. I don't know if he enjoys their attention, but he bows his head willingly and let's them do it.
Cream his fanny, he's doomed right now.
The season has them goofy, more lactic acid due to molt and the push to breed before winter hitting at once. Brains are gone and poop is caustic.
Keep an eye on him, the hens will groom him slick and he's too in his own world to even care.
Normally they'll move when enough is enough, but now nah.....:)

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