Rooster with red inflamed legs

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  1. My Copper Maran rooster has very red inflammed legs - mostly up the outside and around the feather follicles. I have read that red legs are normal on virile roosters, but this just looks sore to me...
    I wondered about scaly leg mites, but he was treated with Frontline not long ago and the coop has been cleaned and disinfected recently. The scales on his legs don't look raised like some of the photos I have seen on the 'net of leg mites...

    No sign of this on any of the hens...

    Is this just irritation from the feathers growing in on his legs? Or something else? Suggestions?

    Thanks so much for any help - I really want to get this sorted out! I am new to chicken ownership and finding it a steep learning curve!
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    My chickens all have the red legs in spring and summer. We had the discussion on the natural chicken keeping thread about this and everyone seemed to think it was normal because of increased fertility. If I were you I would post your picture and question on one of the Marans threads. I just started getting into the Marans this year, so I don't know that much about them.
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  3. Thanks - I will check out that thread.

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