Rooster with unknown swellings & injuries on legs


May 17, 2017
Hi, I'm new to BYC and my 2 year old copper marans rooster has these weird sores/swellings on his knee and at the base of one of his spurs. I recently treated bumblefoot in two of my other birds, but they are almost recovered. This rooster is a much loved pet and any help in identifying the problem would be greatly appreciated.


Beatrice, my rooster


His spur wound




Knee swelling

Hard to see with your pictures as they are a bit blurry. He needs toe nails and spurs trimmed. I would guess the wound is from his spurs poking him while roosting. The other one looks potentially like a rub spot, probably again from roosting. If he can't get comfortable because his spurs are too long he would fidget all night. Give him a good trim, spray the spots with bluekote and see if they heal up. Also check out your roosts to make sure they are smooth.
Ok. Thank you for the help. I'll try that. I was applying neosporin and then wrapping it up with vet wrap and electric tape. Should I continue to do that? I will try to get some better pictures.
Another thing that I forgot to mention is that on the spur wound it had skin covering it, kind of like the skin was peeling off. It fell off, and the other knee injury had a similar (but thinner) covering of skin.
I personally take a hands off approach to chickens and wounds. All I ever use is my bluekote or nothing. Covering may interfere with proper healing and encourage wetness to the wounds.

Is he standing or walking weird. The first photo looks like he's not standing correctly. Does he have mobility problems?
As a chick he had splayed legs and crooked toes. I fixed the splayed legs but he has never been very fast and he is rather clumsy. He is very personable and will follow people around. He has a habit of standing on one leg (it is not always the same leg, so I don't believe he has common problems in a particular leg) or half sleeping in the yard. He has never seemed bothered by either of his feet or legs. He does seem to be limping a little. The other three chickens have not payed any attention to his injuries. I have never had any problems with aggressiveness from any of my birds.
Earlier today I was feeding the chickens when I noticed a similar grayish purple scabby spot (similar to the one at the base of Beatrice's spur) on the side of one of my hen's feet. I treated bumblefoot on this foot a few weeks ago, and it was gone. The rest of the foot is swollen and has yellow spots on it, even though her feet are gray. My other hen also has a swollen foot.

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