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Mar 16, 2016

I have a LF coop/run with 12 ladies and a bantam coop/run with 2 roosters and 4 ladies. Recently one of my bantam roos (the top roo) contracted cocci to the point of almost expiring. I syringe fed him three times a day both water and food until now he is eating and drinking on his own and moving about on steady feet. I treated the whole group with medicated water for almost two full weeks to be sure nobody else came down with it. He is now crowing again - yay! The problem...he won't go outside. The second in command roo must have taken over the lead roo role in his absence. He was actually never gone, he stayed in the coop with everyone and just hung out in one of the egg boxes til he got better. Since he's been sick he hasn't been outside.

I was already planning to move the second in charge (Thunder) to the LF side since he is bigger than Tank and I figured could hold his own with the big girls when he was a bit older. The bantams are only 12 1/2 weeks old but the roos are ready for action even though the ladies aren't having it. Two roos on four girls is not good.

Do you think Tank is hanging out in the coop because he was possibly de-throwned by Thunder? I have never seen Thunder attack Tank and they actually roost together but I have noticed once or twice that when Thunder comes inside, Tank steers clear. Is Thunder too young to be moved to the other coop? The LF coop ladies have an age range from 5 yrs old to 4 months old.

Do you think Tank will go back outside once Thunder is gone (well, he'll still see him since the coops/runs are separated by chicken wire.

Anyone else have this issue once a rooster/hen recovers from illness?


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Jul 16, 2015
I'm pretty sure that's why he's hiding. Sometimes dominance is established or reestablish without any fighting. To avoid conflict he's staying away. Of course you won't know for sure until you move the other one, who may require a temporary pen in with the big girls for a while until they get used to him or else he could get pecked.

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