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7 Years
Jun 27, 2012
I found a single combed white leghorn rooster on the side of the road about two weeks ago. When he is out of his coup he attacks people, at first it was just men however today he attacked my mom and my little sister. He is so sweet to me and I have grown really attached to him but I don't know what to do.
If I put him in the same pen as my turkeys and guineas he is nice to them but my female turkeys (especially the oldest) are constantly going at him. Not really attacking him but chasing him.
I can pick him up and hold him and he will fall right asleep; he has been that way since I first found him. He snuggles with me and the first night I had him he even slept in my room. He is such a sweet bird and follows me around the yard while I do chores. I love him so much.
He isn't very big, I think he was left out all winter because his comb was a bit frostbitten (those bits have fallen off) and his chest bone was sticking out. In the past week he feels to have gained at least a bit of weight but he still weighs no more than 4 pounds. I don't know much about chickens but I believe bantams don't get much heavier than 2 pounds and a 'normal' chicken is about 7?
I was hoping that someone near Fryeburg, Maine would be able to take him. Either as a confined pet or as meat. (If he will be for meat, please don't mention it. It will just make getting rid of him harder :/ ) Drop of maybe be coordinated if it isn't to far, we can meet half way or you can pick him up
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