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    Jul 20, 2013
    If you have roosters and hens together what are you feeding? Right now I am feeding my flock "Nutrena All Flock" because we have some young pullets and some laying age. Just found out one hen is actually a roo. Had planned to switch them all to layer feed in the spring but found out roos can't eat layer feed. So, guessing I will just always feed all flock and offer calcium free choice.
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    Aug 8, 2013
    I do not have any experience with roos, because I've only had hens so far, but I do have experience with people who do own roos. Most people say that it all depends on if you're worried about the Roo getting too much calcium. It is believed that the calcium won't hurt roos, but not proven to be safe. Most people go ahead and feed layer to all of them, but again, if you're worried about the roo, you can feed the whole flock grower feed to be on the safe side. But it is probably better to go with layer. Hope this helps!
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    I don't know who told you that a rooster can't or won't eat laying pellets. In the wild Red Jungle Cocks (yes even the females) all eat the same vittles. There are any number of very experienced chicken keepers here who I think will agree that laying pellets won't cause your roosters to start wearing lipstick or watching (LOL) chick flicks.
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    No to the lipstick, but those jungle birds aren't eating layer feed with calcium added. I didn't save the links, but Fred's Hens linked to at least one study showing increased calcium intake caused decreased fertility in roosters, among other things.

    I feed my flock an all-in-one, and feed back the egg shells and sometimes oyster shell, when I notice thin shells or think of it. I have a range of ages and both genders, so this works for me.
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    Agree with Donrae. I would feed a grower or all flock with oyster shell or some other separate calcium source. Some people go ahead and do a layer for ease of feeding but it is a lot more calcium than a rooster needs and excess calcium can build up in kidneys and cause potential long term health effects.
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