Roosters are dying!

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    Mar 3, 2015
    Within the past 6 months we have had two roosters die and no hens. From research it seems that they have died from two different illnesses but would like as much input as possible so that we can prevent this from happening ever again. The first rooster(lavender orp) that died showed signs of his comb turning black on the tips and progressing downward towards his head. By time it was noticeable the next day he was gone. Respiratory issues? The second(which happened this week) rooster(buff orp) perfectly healthy just starting to crow no signs of struggle no discoloration nada poof gone. My husband found him under the ramp to the laying house board stiff. He researched possible causes and come across a prognosis of too much calcium(kidney failure) from laying pellets. We feed laying pellets mixed with corn and scratch as treats. We let them roam they yard quite often to forage. What are other feeding options for pens containing both hens and roosters if this was in fact the calcium that cause kidney failure?
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    In a nutshell, any birds not building egg shells shouldn't have layer feed. That includes growing birds, males and molting birds.

    What most people do is feed a grower or all flock feed and keep oyster shell available in a separate container.

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