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    Jun 7, 2013
    I have two Rooster that I raised from my incubator. One we call Blue, since we hatched them from an incubator we had put blue food color on his head, so we knew which one hatched first to see how they are coming along. The other we call Non Blue, since he didn't have any blue food coloring on him lol.

    Blue always seemed nicer of the two and the last couple months the demeanor seemed to change, and being more aggressive towards us. He has been running away from us, jumping and flapping his wings and pecking at us when we would feed them in their coop. It was never a big deal and it wouldn't happen all the time. Non Blue though always seemed to kinda dominate Blue. Non Blue is also the one that crows while Blue just makes weird sounds lol

    Now we just introduced two hens to them that are about 6 months old. I expected some pecking and aggressiveness towards them since they are new. But Blue seems to be very aggressive towards them and chase and peck at them when ever they got close, or would just sometimes walk up to them and chase and peck them especially the smaller of the two hens. Blue would stop when he would get close to Non Blue and sometimes Non Blue seemed like he would put himself between Blue and the hens.

    Non Blue sometime does what looks like a dance, where he would take his wing and open it up towards the ground, put his head down and kinda hop like but just for a second or two. Looks like a mating dance / seizure or something lol I have seen him do this before we got the hens but only when we were around. Maybe he like us and wants to mate with us and have some kind of human / bird hybrid. lol

    Also, None Blue seems to be pooping a melted chocolaty poop. Now I've read that this is normal and happens after so many poops but he seems to be doing this regularly.


    So may questions are is Blue being to aggressive towards the hens? One of the Roosters will eventually become dinner anyway just haven't decided which one is going to stay. But we are leaning towards Non Blue.

    Is Non Blue's dance or whatever thing it's doing normal and is Non Blue poop look ok and why is he doing it regularly?

    Any other concerns I should be aware of?
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    Keep the nice one, get rid of the aggressive one. The aggressive one is NOT fitting into the flock, not making the flock happy, and should not be kept.

    Don't worry about chicken poo, unless an animal is sick with other symptoms, such as not eating, not moving well, lethargic, wheezing, coughing, running nose or eyes. If they don't have those symptoms, they are fine.

    Mrs K
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    You always want to keep the hen or rooster with the qualities you prefer. If you're looking for a better rooster for you guys to be around then I would keep Non Blue.
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    Sep 19, 2009
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    The dark poo is fecal feces. About every eight or so droppings will be as such. It is a product of fecal fermentation and is normal. Fecal fermentation is important for birds subsisting on less nutrient dense diet but probably not for birds being fed a complete diet like bought from mill.

    Rooster fight is on horizon. Pick one you like or split into two pairs.

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