Rooster's comb bent over

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Jun 1, 2016
I noticed my 4 month old roosters comb was bent over a couple days ago and today he isnt acting like himself. He is very lathargic. I have him seperated from the rest of my chickens. Any ideas whats wrong with him? Also he is eating and drinking and can walk just doesn't much today.
The bent over comb means he is severely dehydrated. Force feed pedialyte by syringe if you can. Make a "milkshake" consistency of pedialyte, greek plain yogurt and boiled eggs( blender) and some sugar or honey to get his blood sugar levels back up. If you do not have a syringe then use a straw with your finger on the end of it to hold the slurry "milkshake" in then force open his mouth and slowly release your finger to let the slurry go down. Get in as much as possible them message his crop to get the milkshake moving. Your first priority is rehydrating him. A dehydrated bird can die vwry quickly especially in this heat wave. Hope this helps.

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