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  1. So I heard that roosters who are exposed to or around other roosters will have larger, redder combs? Is this true? I'm not sure because all of mine are all next to each other all of the sounds like it would make sense but I wasn't sure. I had someone tell me that about Sumatras (to house the roosters to they cannot see any other roosters?)
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    Sounds like it would make sense. As far as not housing the roosters near each other, that's probably more to prevent the stress of territorial fighting (even displaying through the wire/across the way).
  3. Thanks! For the most part, they do okay...I have had to move them around a little bit (cochins next to cochins next to Sussex). The Sumatras are between the Sussex & the Creves. I wanted to do hardware cloth between the runs but ended up doing 1'' wire instead because they were getting the ends of their nails caught in the hardware cloth & I was scared they'd break their toes! Now I'm trying to decide what to put in-between...I thought about OSB but hubby says that's I might try shade cloth instead...I'm just not sure...

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