Roosters have utterly terrified my hen!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by WilsonFarm, Aug 13, 2016.

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    This hen, in particular, is a year old - is established in the flock and has been here from the beginning. We've always had one rooster - and she has always been a "favorite."

    Why, suddenly, has she gone nutty?! We do have a recently matured cockerel (who will be culled soon, just waiting for him to grow a bit) but he has been mating the hens for over a month now and up until this past week, no one has been bothered. In fact, the hens still bully HIM! (If one catches him mating another, she will fend him off. And if the hens don't, our original Roo will.)

    We have 14 egg-laying hens total, 5 of which are more or less the new guy's. They have plenty of space and free range for most of the day.

    But suddenly, June - my RI Red - won't sleep in the coop anymore. I thought she had eggs somewhere, but she came home and laid an egg in the coop today. She sticks close to our property, eats, and then takes off for the night somewhere else! Of course, whenever she reappears the roosters go crazy and MUST have her. [​IMG]

    She's certainly terrified of them! They've beaten her up a bit, the poor girl. I did get a hen saver saddle -- which she hates -- but what else could I do? I hope that when we're down to 1 rooster again (soon!) she will be less afraid. Does his sound odd? It's like she's a favorite and they're not nearly gentle about ripping her head feathers or wings. [​IMG]

    Here she is being snuggled with love in her hen saddle!
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    I would separate out that second rooster personally. She could be a bit freaked out about him, or it could hurt when she gets mated. Another thought is some birds are starting molt already. Birds can get a bit weird during it as I believe it's uncomfortable and for some it appears painful, so that's another option.
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    Ditto Dat^^^^ asap Good ideas.

    2 males can create a competitive environment that can be detrimental to all.

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