Roosters or hens? Silkies and polish breed.


7 Years
Jun 21, 2012
Hi, I'd love to know if anyone has an educated guess on the sex of these birds. Two are silkies, one is polish...two breeds in which I know very little about their development. I tried to include a number of different angles for size reference to the others especially. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! They are about 12 weeks old.



Do you have front-view pictures of their crests?

The first one is a silky, at the moment I'm guessing roo but not 100%

the second is a silky mix, maybe crossed with polish. It looks like a pullet

the third one I would say is a roo and also a silky.
Here are some front-facing as well as (attempted) full shots of the two silkies. All are actually mutts, but definitely have silkie and polish in them.

I would say that the 2 silkie are roosters and the polish is a pullet. What camera/camera lens did you use? Beautiful photos

Thank you! I usually photograph portraits/weddings of people, not chickens. Haha! I used my Canon EOS 5D with a 50mm lens.

And thanks for the replies everyone! I agree that the two silkies are males and the polish is a female. I named the female Luna. :)

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