Roosters or Hens?

Four Chickens

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Oct 22, 2012
Hudson Valley, NY
Hi I am new here (my first post) and to chickens. I think we have all hens but I am really not sure. I have been surfing BYC to try and figure out their sex but when I found this thread, I was so relieved as I have driving myself crazy!

I am trying to ensure that we have all hens as last weekend we discovered our Big Mama was in fact a Big Papa! We called the person who sold them to us three weeks ago and we traded (that sounds wrong, I know they are not cars -pets for us) and got a small Leghorn mixed hen, Honey (#1). But now I am paranoid that we will suddenly find out we have another rooster when they find their voice and I don't want to go there since we cannot have a rooster where we live. No one is laying yet as I think Honey (#1), Little Chicken (#2) are the youngest and I think Gallina (# 3) has not started to lay and Fricassee (#4) is 2 years old.

I believe three are mixed breeds (Leghorn, Wyandotte and Buff Orph) with I think one pure Wyandotte. Please give me your opinion on age, breed and sex.

Thanks so much!

Honey (#1)

Honey (#1)

Chicken Little (#2)

Gallina (#3)

Gallina (#3)

Fricassee (#4)

Fricassee (#4)
I think honey may be a roo. A better profile shot would help, and do you know how old the bird is?
I think this because it looks like some goldish leakage is coming in on the shoulders, and I almost think I see saddle feathers. Leghorns are hard to go by the comb, so knowing age will help a lot.

The others all look wyandotte or wyandotte mix and I blieve are all hens. Chicken little I can't be sure as I can't see the comb well but I think she's a colombian wyandotte. Gallina looks like a buff colombian wyandotte, but I don't know if that's a color they really come in or if she's mixed. But I don't see any Orpington in her, that comb says both her parents probably were rose combed. And Fricasse is a pretty silver laced wyandotte hen.
Thanks for all of your replies! I am so worried about another rooster in the mix, as it means I have to go back to the guy who sold them to me (not excited to do that!) and I really don't want another surprise at dawn.

My biggest concern was Honey and I had added two profile picture (I had a hard time getting her feet in the first one) and a top view of "her" rear end. I am not sure how old she is but they told me the younger ones were getting close to laying and they thought she was a Orphington mix because of the coloring at her neck. Thanks for any and all feedback.

I'm not positive, especially without knowing age, but I'm leaning toward roo. Post pics again in 4 ish weeks and we should have a better idea.

Of course, if it starts crowing, pics are a moot point!

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