Roosters will be available in Texas


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
San Antonio Texas
Hello fellow BYC members!!! I will be hatching some Cochins, Seramas, a few silkie/possible showgirls, and a Japanese mix in early July. Also in early August I will hatch some silver laced Wyandottes, of these I might only be able to keep one. I am located in San Antonio, Texas and I'm willing to drive a medium amout to meet you. If you are willing to drive here to pick them up or will meet me and I still have multiple left I will let you choose. Both will be available around November, the bantams will be around 4 months and the Wyandottes will be around 3 months. I am not posting this in the buy~sell~trade forums because this is beforehand I just need some homes set up for these guys. All of the roosters will be 15$ if I have to drive a substantial amount to meet you to cover gas, but I may give the last few away for free. Please pm me ASAP if you are interested.
Thank you and God bless
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