Roosters with high testosterone?


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Nov 7, 2018
I've got a Gold Laced Wyandotte rooster named Leodegrance of some mixed lineage, who I suspect has some abnormally high testosterone levels -- if that's a thing? First suspected it because he matured unusually early, he went straight from down feathers to rooster feathers with no in between and began to crow at around 2 months old. He's 5 months old now, and attacked my father with his feet last night when he put away the chooks for me.

Meanwhile I just realised this week the Easter Egger "pullet" I bought a couple months ago who is an age with him had suddenly sprouted saddle feathers without my noticing. He's subsequently been renamed Albion. Albion seems more rooster like than previously, but hasn't completely lost his mind with puberty.

So -- is it possible Leodegrance has naturally abnormal hormones?
And, uh, what's the best rooster recipe if his behaviour does not improve?


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Jul 23, 2018
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If Leodegrance has already flogged your father, he is already showing signs of being human aggressive. You can put him in a grow out pen and butcher him when he gets big enough. He sounds fast maturing. I don't think it is because of higher than normal testosterone.
Good luck with Albion. Hopefully he keeps his wits about him when his hormones start raging. Some times they need a few tune ups during this stage.


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Aug 8, 2016
If you have to wind up with a surprise cockerel you picked a good time, since it sounds like you're about to be one short. If he's already flogging people at 5 months I'd just call him a loss and cross my fingers on the EE. I'm not very tolerant of aggressive birds.

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