6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
Buna, TX

These are my boys, Merle and Hershey Bar. I luff them, and they are shaping up to be very good roosters-already announcing danger and snacks, even breaking up scuffles between the girls. Merle is a five week old barred rock and Hershey is a five week old EE. Hershey was the ONLY ee in my order and i ordered a roo-thus my 100% certanty. Merle feathered out exactly like him, so theres my guess on him (one of these things is not like the other sort of thing.) I did order a second eelater, also a roo. I even got an extra (7 ee!) But alas, nobody is coming forward as a boy in that batch (i do have a rir/production red that has a comb thr size of texas at five weeks, so we will see!)

My long did it take your boys to fully feather? I have a yard full of miniature chickens at five and four weeks old.....and two gangly poofballs.

Also, did any of you have roos at five weeks that you were sure were girls? Or girls that you were just waiting on a crow from?

I wake up every morning and ask Boot, "Are you SERIOUS with that hood ornament?!" This pic is two weeks old. If shes a roo-shes got the most hen like posture i have ever seen on one! (Maybe a off sexlink with a leghorn for a daddy? Who knows! :/)

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