Roosting at night


Aug 24, 2019
Hi! We have 4 hens. Three are sleeping on the roost bar in the coop but one always sleeps on the ground right in front of the sliding door. They could all fit on the roost next to one another so not sure why she is sleeping on the floor. Should i try to get her onto the roost somehow or just leave them to sleep where they choose?
Jan 31, 2019
i have 17 hens that sleep on the roost in the coop, but i have a buff orp that is the last hen to join the flock, they knock her off the top roost and is forced to sleep on a lower bar.....sometimes she gets pooped on all night, she is very low on the pecking order she has to have a bath in the morning...i try to move her when it gets dark , most nights, think tomorrow hubby is going to raise that lower bar, so they are all on the same level...hope this works, all my hens are paired, always raised them 2 at a time (the same breed), but this buff orp was raised with a silkie roos and when she was 18 weeks i joined her with my hens, all my silkie roos (5 of them) are in a coop of their own

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