Roosting: Move onto roosting bar at night?

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    Apr 25, 2016
    Hi all,
    We're relatively new to raising chickens and planned on buying chicks but ended up getting four 8 month old lavender orpingtons (beaauutiful). So, this is their first week with us. Two of them go nicely into the coop at night and roost. The other two, a bit more wiley, eventually go into the coop with some cajoling but will not hop up on the roosting bar. They're also all laying eggs on the ground. I've read a few articles that say you should wait until they're asleep and move them to the bar.
    This may sound like a silly question but I've never moved chickens while they're they wake up? Do they wake the others? Will they wake up once I grab them?
    Any info you can provide is appreciated!
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    Jul 15, 2015
    Its good to let them know they need to roost when they get in there. What I would do is pick them up right as they go into the coop and put them up on the roosting bars. Or, purchase some saw horses, those work very well as well. They're lower, and perfect for some young chickens!

    Also, laying on the ground is normal. Your best bet is the make a small dent, maybe even a hole and put something soft in there like hay or straw. They will lay in it, and maybe even cover their eggs. Nesting boxes are also nice, it shows the hens they can lay safely.
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    They will wake up, but there in kind of a trance and they can't see well in the dark.
    That's why you grab them with both hands holding down their wings, so they can't struggle as much, [so not allow their feet to gain purchase on anything but the perch....hold them steady until they get their balance and slowly let go of their wings.

    It might just take them awhile to settle in, you might just give them a bit more time before forcing them onto the roost after dark. It won't hurt them to sleep on the floor for awhile.

    Put some fake eggs and/or golf balls in the nests to show them where to lay.

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