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My girls have decided that their nesting boxes make a good roost. Unfortunently for me that meens either cleaning the nesting boxes every day (not gunna happen) or getting them not to roost on them.
Is there a way to prevent/encourage them not to roost on the nesting boxes?
It isnt the highest up place in the coup for them to roost but it is higher then some of the roosts.
Im afraid of them nocking the bedding or eggs out of the nesting box when the jump up because the boxes arent slanted...
I would say make sure all the roosts are higher than the nesting boxes and, if they're not using the nesting boxes to lay in, board them up until your chickens are laying. Could you incorporate your nesting material dam (2x4) into each box individually so that it is farther back in the box, under the roof? That would keep the material inside and the chickens might not want to roost back in the boxes. Good luck!
I am using a half inch sheet of plywood in front of the nest box for the purpose you described and the narrowness of it may discourage roosting.
I found by adding a "landing rail" about 4 inches in front of my nesting boxes, they have significantly decreased roosting in the box. I also added another roost higher in the coop. Between them both, they pretty much use the nesting boxes for eggs.
My nest boxes are on the outside of my coop so I don't have that problem. My brothers are similar I think to yours. He slanted the top and put a bar in front. His is similar to the first picture but has many more boxes. Mine are the other pics. The roosts have been changed since these pictures were taken.


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