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    I have a 2 gallon hanging waterer and someone keeps trying to roost on it. This, of course, tips the waterer and spills almost all 2 gallons into the bedding. Every time it happed I would raise the waterer an inch or 2 but it kept happening. I am thinking of lowering it but I am worried that they will get it dirty - that is a little better as I won't go through bedding but it is still a pain.
    We have 6 pullets, about 14 weeks old - 3 black sex links and 3 amber. They free range over the whole back yard but at night one of them is obviously trying to roost on the waterer. Any ideas?
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    Take a large jug, like a vinegar bottle ( plastic ) cut out the bottom and place it on the top of the waterer. The slope will not allow them to sit on top and eventually ( hopefully) they will start using their roost. Good Luck!
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    A large funnel (around 1 dollar at walmart ) fits the top of most hanging waters and has a hole for the rope/chain to go through you can cut the spout with a hack saw if its too long the bright color lets them know its still there the next time they want to jump up there
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    If you're looking for something entirely different, check out my page. There's a great waterer featured on there-cheap! I hope you find a solution that works for you. [​IMG]
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    Do you have a picture. Here are pictures of mine. I have raised them a little since these pictures were taken and replaced the bungee cords with chains.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. You can also make a cone out of things you might have around the house. I used the bottom from a case of water bottles (cardboard with plastic around it) to make a cone, secured the shape with duct tape. I placed it on top of my waterer (you'll have to thread your hanging chain through it). The chicks can't land on it, it's easy to remove to clean or refill waterer, and it was free:D

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