roosting outside the henhouse


9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
augusta, georgia
Hello peeps,
I have an enclosed run outside my henhouse. If pics would help, they are on my page.
5 of my 8 chickens have been sleeping outside the henhouse in the enclosed run on a roost. I can't understand it. There is plenty of room for all of them inside the coop and it has been pretty cold for our area lately. The poultry nipples have been freezing but that's another post and thread... I just don't understand why they won't sleep in the henhouse. I know it's warmer in there. Just wonderin.
Very nice coop you built! Love it. I don't have that problem with my hens, but I've read where others do. I'm surprised how many people have chickens who roost in the trees, on the porch rail, on the pool furniture, etc. Mine would be gone in one night and from the looks of the game cam pictures, yours would be too. Mine could roost on the tree limbs in the attached covered predator-proof run if they wanted to, but they all roost in the coop. Maybe the roosts in your coop aren't high enough from the floor for them. My roosts are 6 ft. off the ground and they all roost up there. Sorry I can't help more. Good luck.
We have a group of white faced black Spanish that roost in the manzanita tree out in the side yard. Drives me nuts. Snow is late this year, but it WILL come, and these are gonna be some COOOOLD peepers! Yes, they have plenty of coops. I have 2 coops sitting empty, just for them. Silly chickens.
As they say "Leave a light on for them, and they will come" try putting a light on in the hen house for a few days......that fixed my in two days....
I have a renegade bunch that roost outside as well. We've tried moving them every night for a week to no avail. So I just made the outside roost protected from the elements and let them be chickens.
check you coop for mite. I read somewhere, that chickens will not want to go into the coop at night if there is a mite problem. Please correct me if I am wrong

cptbahama wrote:
Yes, there are roosts in the henhouse (pictures).
At least they're still roosting in an enclosed area.

sorry I dident see the roosts in the pics. My bad
Might be too hot inside the coop. You can be assured they will sleep where more safe, more comfortable or both. Either the air quality is better, the temperature is better, or there is less fighting for space.

You can pretty much be guaranteed they will go where they think it is best for them. We really do not have the slightest idea. I would trust their judgement though.
I have 2 roosters that now refuse to go into the coop on their own since I placed the old feed bags over most of their windows for winter drafts. Chickens HATE change.

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