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    Dec 3, 2012
    Hello! For the past 10 years or so, my dad has had these birds. I just recently moved into a house near him and would like to help him to be a breeder for these beautiful birds. We have had chickens since I was born, but we have never tried to breed true to a standard before or tried to sustain a breed. We would often get some birds, raise chicks for one year, then try to find breeding stock for the following year to breed with the existing birds. This method never seems to work. We do not plan on showing any birds, but we would like to breed as close to standard as possible. How do I go about not only sustaining a population, but also in breeding as close to standard as possible? We are starting with pullets from Dick Horstman and a rooster from Gary Underwood. Would like to get some more birds from one or both of them to have some more depth in the gene pool. With the above mentioned birds, what is the best strategy to creating a sustainable flock of show quality birds? Thank you in advance!

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    The best strategy would be to start with birds from either Dick Horstman or Gary Underwood, not both. One of the best ways to mess up a strain of birds is to indescriminately cross one strain with another. Those blind outcrosses usually lead to disaster. Especially true in the hands of a beginning breeder.
    Pick a strain, either of the ones you named are fine. Learn the principles of line-breeding, keep good records & cull mercilessly.
    Oh, forgot the most important first step-study the Standard & go to some shows. See how the winning birds compare with your understanding of the Standard. Introduce yourself to the Red exhibitors & ask questions.

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