Rosie, the Backyard Cat Bully

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In the Brooder
8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
San Francisco
Sonoma, my cat had finally caught and killed a mouse he'd been stalking for hours. He was having a lot of fun playing with the unfortunate rodent's remains - tossing it up, pouncing on it, batting it around - when Rosie (a RIR), walked up to him and snatched up the mouse. Sonoma hesitantly tried to get the mouse back, only to be met with the stinkiest of chicken stinkeye and some menacing posturing on the part of the hen. Rosie ran off with the dead mouse and gobbled it up. I've never seen a more dejected cat in my life. Imagine as a cat losing your prize trophy to a chicken - the humiliation!!!
Way to go Rosie

Chicken: 1
Cat: 0

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