Rosie turning into BigRed


5 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Haleiwa, HI
Many gender questions here. I will poat weekly updates of my Rhode Island Red Chick Rosie who I bought aa a sexed pullet but turned out to be a roo
6 days old
5 weeks
six weeks

7 weeks

7 weeks
Flashback - as a kid (trust me in that was a LONG time ago) I had a Big Red. He was ferociously human aggressive with every one but me.

Yeah, 'Rosie' is a cockerel - hopefully of a more mellow nature.
If he is mean probably eat him. If he stays a nice boy he will have 5 hens to care for. We have three seven week old pullets, Ameraucana, black australop and barred Plymouth rock and two three week old ideal 236
ok. I am vegan (I always have to be nosy and ask what's gonna happen to little cockerels) so, hopefully, he's a nice boy.
Vegan? How did you get into chicken ... Now I'm niosy

I rescue most, but my Brahma chicks I got from a man who breeds them (he lives down the street and I know him) and with my Ex-battery hens, I ask the farmers if there are any spent hens I could have, and some farmers were actually quite nice, some were more grumpy.

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