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    I recently added two rouen ducks to my backyard flock of five hens. I purchased them straight run, but the farmer who sold them to me said he was "fairly certain" that they were girls. I was excited when, at five weeks, the ducks were getting all brown adult feathers in...I thought girls for sure! But then I did a little research, and it seems that the boys don't get the colorful plumage until four months old. My question is: Will there be a curly drake feather before the coloring comes out? Or is there another way to tell (other than vent sexing)? Finally, at four months old, will the boys hassle my hens because they want to mate?

    Here are a few pics from the last five weeks we've had:

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    The best way to sex them is voice sexing. The females will have a loud quack quack the boys will have a raspy quack. By 4 months old they will have their voices. Also you will see the drake feathers, it might not be curly curly but it will be slightly curled. You can tell though, mine didnt get really curly until they moulted. Congrats, I love my rouens. They are so sweet!
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    I hatched my Lucky Ducky in the incubator he is now 16 weeks old. i thought he was a she b/c of brown coloring(like his mom/hen) but i knew for sure when i heard his raspy voice & now his coloring is more like the drake [​IMG][​IMG] I need to get more current photos of him. ~Julie~
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    Quote:I have a different breed of duck (khaki campbell) but similar story! I thought I had a girl duck for sure until the 'quack' came in and it was raspy.. shortly followed by a change in colour and now at 4 and a bit months the drake curl is in! My little girl is a beautiful young man! [​IMG]
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    After about 5 or 6 weeks, the girls will sometimes start to get a really loud and obvious quack, especially if they lose sight of the other one. Boys will still either peep or make a whiny, raspy noise.

    Try taking one away and see what the the other one does.

    By the way, adorable babies!

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