Rouen/Pekin cross


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Apr 29, 2011
Hello Everyone,

New to BYC but I've been checking out the threads for awhile now. I've had ducks for over a year now, they were for my daughters (5 & 7 at the time, I seem to have adopted them as my own though!
). I started out with four Pekins, two male/two female. I traded in my two pekin males for a Rouen male and a female. My ratio is now 3 ducks to 1 drake (everyone is much happier). My rouen duck is now sitting on a nest of several eggs, both her own and those of my pekin ducks. I'm expecting the ducklings to look "rouen" under the circumstances but is it possible to get a few all whites or surprises in the bunch? That is if she decides to stay on the nest (she's just a year old...)

Any pics would be appreciated
I would expect you will get a mixture. Depending on how many eggs each of the females lais- you should get some rouens, some that could be all white or at least partially white in random patches. White bibs especially - and large white neck rings is what I think you may see from the crossbred ducklings.

Hope they hatch for you- it would be lovely for you and girl young girls to have some babies to adore.

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