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  1. darrenallport

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    Mar 2, 2010
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    hi there,
    i have 21 chickens of all rare breeds from all over the world and i have never experience this question i'm about to ask and that is my neighbour has sprayed round up on my driveway to kill the grass around the sides of the driveway,

    my chicken often everyday roam around the property and driveway as i have a 500metre driveway,

    i was wondering how long will the spray be safe for my chickens to eat the bugs and grass around my driveway and what would happen if the chicken decides to eat the grass and bugs, would the round up effect m chicken behaviour and kill the chickens or do i have to destroy the eggfs untill the round up has turn the grass brown

    thank you for reading my question(s)

    please help me with the problem

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    Feb 3, 2010
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    I have a very similar question!! [​IMG]
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  4. Imp

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    I use the same active ingredient (different brand) on the neighbors blackberries & morning glory when they start coming over the fence. I use it at dusk after the chickens have retired. Never had a problem. I use it at dusk so it is dry by the next day. I think on grass I would pull or mow it to keep it from being so attractive to the chickens.

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    Personally if it were me, although I don't use toxic chemicals to control weeds, I wouldn't let my chickens, pets or children any where near where the RoundUp was sprayed until I was sure that the weeds were not only brown, but gone, and anything around it has grown out and been mowed, and the ground heavily watered down. I'm just weird about that stuff though.

    Here is what I've found on BYC that may help...

    Quote:Quote from thread...
  6. darrenallport

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    Mar 2, 2010
    te puke
    hi all thank you for answering my question im so greatful for all your knowledge
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    Great question !!!! I need an answer to something like this too.I have bamboo growing in the backyard and want to kill it but I've been putting it off because I though roundup would kill the chickens. after reading this Ithink I might do it, I was only going to cut the bamboo down to about an inch above the ground and then paint the round up on the bamboo(seen this method in a magazine). Do you think this would be ok? as I won't be spraying it everywhere just putting it on the bamboo where I 'd cut it.
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    My dh uses Roundup as well on our gravel driveway [​IMG] I would prefer him not to, but he doesn't listen! Anywho, after he sprays I don't allow the girls or the dog out for the rest of the evening. The next day they roam around and do their chicken thing. I've never had any problems with the chickens or dog and I would think your chickens would be fine as well. HTH [​IMG]

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