Round Worms HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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10 Years
Jul 23, 2009
North Carolina
I am really having a problem with round worms. My guineas started dying all of a sudden. We had 20 but now we have 9. This is a MAJOR problem. We disected one dead guinea and found worms in their intestines. We did research and found out that they were called roundworms. If my guineas have it, im sure my chickens do too. I put garlic in the chickens water, the guineas water and in the backyard. I heard garlic water helped, im just not sure id thats enough. If there is ANY cure that ANYBODY knows. PLEASE help. This is a serious problem, and I don't want my chickens to die too. Does anybody else know a cure?
There are a ton of threads about worms. From what I understand it is best to worm first with a mild wormer such as Wazine and then follow up with a stronger one to finish the job.(ivomec or safeguard) THen get them on a rotation twice or more a year to stay on top of things. Of course you cannot eat the eggs while treating the birds. Terri O
"Pre-worm" with wazine in the waterer for 24 hours (1 shot glass of wazine per gallon of water). Do NOT eat eggs for 14 days.

14 days after worming with wazine, worm with pour on ivermectin drops (like for cattle) on the back of the neck. Don't eat eggs for 14 more days. For dosage on the ivermectin:
1 drop for a small or OEGB sized bantam.
2 drops for a large OEGB, small but not "micro" bantam.
3 drops for a regular bantam hen.
4 drops for an average hen or smaller large fowl rooster.
5 drops for the average large fowl
6 drops for a larger large fowl
7 drops for giant breed

You can get both wazine and ivermectin at TSC for any feed store should carry it. Wazine is about $7-8 dollars and you can get a small bottle of ivermectin for less than $15-20.
Thanks so much! We are going to go get some of that medicine at Tractor Supply and follow your instructions. Hopefully our poultry will be better soon!

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