Round worms seen a month after worming?

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    Hello all -

    I just found droppings with roundworms this morning (in the yard, therefore I don't know who it's from). I wormed with Ivermectin twice within the last 60 days (first dose was accidentally too low). The last time was nearly a month ago, so should I still be seeing whole, dead (at least not moving) roundworms? The only other time I have seen the worms in the poo was immediately after the last worming, which made sense. Does this mean I need to worm again and should I use something else this time? I used Ivermectin Pour-on on the back of the necks last time (.5 cc). Thanks for any help!

    By the way, I am just finishing a 5 day course of Corid for possible cocci in the flock (ages 3 months to 5 years). Could that do it?
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    Quote:I've occasionally read articles that have popped up here and there that ivermectin has somewhat been losing it's effectiveness against roundworms, sounds like worm resistance/immunity is building against it. Please dont ask me to provide references as I didnt write them down. This is why I use valbazen and then 10 days later follow up with safeguard. Worms cannot survive outside their host. To properly worm a chicken, it's recommended to reworm them 10-14 days after the initial worming in order to paralyze or kill the growing larva before they mature and start laying and depositing eggs onto the soil to be picked up again by chickens to restart the worms lifecycle all over again. Reworming in 10-14 days stops the worms lifecycle.
    Corid isnt a wormer and wouldnt have any effect.

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