Roundworm treating with wazine help.....


7 Years
Aug 31, 2012
New chicken owner. Lost five chickens in the last 3 weeks our first had avian pox ( talked to a dr from a&m) we thought that was the reason we were losing them but after doing some reason we thought it could be worms. We went to the feed store and got wazine 17. The worms were never in their poop as we have been looking at it daily. We lost our 5th one this morning and I asked my sweet hubs to cut her open and take a look since I read about people doing that to check for worms. He did and she has ton sand tons of them. They are round worms. We are going to treat with the wazine.
Is this best? Should we being doing anything else along with this?
Please help. We read that a dirty coop could be the cause. We have them in a 260 sq ft coop with mulch floor and fenced. We let them out about 4 hours a day to free range.
Since they are infested with large roundworms, I highly recommend that you worm your chickens with valbazen cattle/sheep wormer. With so many roundworms in the digestive tract, wazine paralyzes the worms which can cause a blockage in the digestive tract, causing toxic dead worm overload. The toxic dead worm overload can cause the chicken(s) to die. Valbazen slowly kills all types of worms over several days eliminating toxic dead worm overload. Then redose your birds with valbazen 10 days later to kill larva hatched from eggs missed by the initial worming. Valbazen dosage is given orally undiluted to each chicken, 1/2cc for standards, 1/4cc for smaller birds... use a syringe without a needle to administer. Valbazen can be purchased from or call them if your feed store doesnt carry the product.

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Thanks so much will head to the feed store tomorrow morning. She didn't have as many worms as that picture but they look just like that. Should I treat all of my chickens? They are 18 weeks so would that make them a small bird?

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