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  1. The chicken flocks have been attacking each other. It all started because the flocks got just a little too close for comfort and chickens started wondering on other flocks territorys. Its up to you, run away or fight. For now everyones safe but soon some flock will break, and the war will break out..



    BYC rules
    Roosters and hens may have chicks but when you breed just say something along the lines of 'breed'
    Be nice! (i know its a BYC rule but still)
    No killing unless some one says you can kill them
    not too gruesome

    To sign up

    Roo or Hen:

    All hens can go broody at ANYTIME, so if your bored, GO BROODY lol


    This OK with everyone? sorry dont have the best computer so drawing maps is kinda hard, yes its an island and fire flock has islands they travel too, the own of FF will decide HOW they get there, if you have a problem or want something changed PM me please :)

    Safe means fighting there is not allowed and if you do you will be killed imidiatly


    The leader of the pheonix flock is BlueFire, he controls the flock and makes sure everyone is in line. His mate, (not taken), controls everything 'chick' related, anything from how many clutches are hatched to the chicks being trained. They are a nice flock who wants peace but is planning for war, as is most flocks. The lead Rooster's claws are encrusted in silver and the lead hen's claws are encrusted in Gold


    Elders- there are the only chickens that have more power then the lead rooster and hen
    None yet)

    Lead Rooster
    BlueFire- A quick smart rooster who wants the best for the flock, and mostly not to be by any other flocks-CBL
    Lead Hen
    (not taken)

    RavenClaw- Loner, doesnt talk much, mean, happy to watch the other chickens that had picked on him as a chick die-ArmdChicken

    AussieScout- Aussie, nicknamed AussieScout, is atually an Antwerp Belgian Bantam, but he has an Aussie accent. Hes quick moving, and though being porcelain in color is good with the lady's ^^ its bad camoflauge- CBL

    Healer-heals wounded warriors or chickens

    IronWool- an augsburgers rooster who doesnt like his job but was forced to be it. Hes good at it, but doesnt enjoy it. - K

    Broody- its a broody, can be ANY chicken who goes broody and raises chicks until she goes un-broody or until she must go back to her job
    (not full time job, unless your declared useless then you will do this as a full job)
    SnowFeather- shes a hedemora hen who wasnt declared useless but at a young age they could tell she would make a good broody. She often hatches clutches twice the size as others, though they are usually hard feathered broodies so she seems better then she actually is. Shes a kind mother who would love to spend twice the time with her chicks as they let her (CBL)

    Hope- Fun, Sweet, can be moody-Orpingtons4u

    Rearer-Rears chicks over the age of 5 weeks, training them and teaching them ways of the world, often OEGB or hens
    (none yet)


    None Yet)

    Breed: Ayan Cemani
    Color: Black (everything is black, skin, feathers, organs, blood [​IMG])
    personality: A small hen who jumps a lot. When she gets mad she goes to her tree where she claws it up to let out her frustration, though she is usually sweet
    other: When they got her they thought she was a sumatra, sadly, when she wasnt, they didnt like her
    Rank: Scout
    Roo or Hen: Hen
    Username: CBL

    Breed: Irish Game Fowl
    Color: red pyle
    Roo or Hen: Roo
    Username: AC (armdchicken)

    Name: BlueFire
    Breed:Green Jungle Fowl
    Color: green
    personality: a quick smart rooster who wants the best for the flock, and mostly not to be by ANY other flocks
    Other: He fought for the lead rooster, his claws are encrusted in Silver to show his leadership
    Rank:Lead Rooster
    Roo or Hen: Roo
    Username: CBL

    Name: SnowFeather
    Breed: hedemora
    Color: self blue (i guess)
    Personality: shes a hedemora hen who wasnt declared useless but at a young age they could tell she would make a good broody. She often hatches clutches twice the size as others, though they are usually hard feathered broodies so she seems better then she actually is. Shes a kind mother who would love to spend twice the time with her chicks as they let her
    Other: She at a young age was thought to be a blue orpington, well turns out she was better, though they
    always thought her weak but she can fight
    Roo or Hen:hen


    The rooster controls all the strategy in war, and scolds the warriors. The hen takes care of everything else, often breaking up fights.

    Lead Hen

    GoldHeart: Shes a clumsy hen who though looks like an idiot in front of her chicken mates they have learned its costly to laught at her. Shes cruel, quick witted, and makes sure if she looks like a fool those who laugh are punished-ArmdChicken

    Elders- Wise old chickens who can help the lead rooster and hen, they often are training young chicks
    DyingFire- this old rooster has seen many things no chickens would want to see in his lifetime, he still has fight in him and scolds the youngsters often, even the lead rooster or hen.-AC

    Lead Rooster

    (not taken)


    BloodStar- A feirce rooster, he is a sultan so doesnt look scary but he is, he can attack easy and is very loyal to his flock

    Dungeon Master (dungeons on islands)

    SteelClaw- He hides his emotions and is brutal to his prisoners. He speaks little, and doesnt like being around any other chickens except BurningDaisy


    BurningDaisy: Shes sweet, and loves the trees. She loves being high up, where birds are supposed to be is what she always thinks. Shes very social but sticks near SteelClaw, she knows less people will come near her when shes by him. She is always sweet to Steel, as she knows he doesnt like to be by other chickens much and shes pretty much only who he talks too. She does most of the talking, and shes never sure if Steel finds her annoying or not-CBL

    FlyingTrees- He mostly hangs out with BurningDaisy but does social with other chickens. Hes a light colored Old english game, who can go on the highest of branches.-CBL


    BloodDiamond: Very kind, despite her looks. She loves the chicks and protects everything feircly. She fights to keep her patients alive, she disappears for a little bit when one dies...-AC

    (none yet)


    PhoenixFlame-Hes shy and doesnt like other cocks but he adapts quickly, and becomes bold fast. He loves to challenge other chicks and trample bantams-CBL

    Color:Gold spangled
    Other: She was picked on as a chick and fought and killed the lead hen, no one dares to cross her side
    Rank:Lead Hen
    Roo or Hen: Hen
    Username:ArmdChicken (AC)

    Breed:Australian Game Fowl
    Color: SilverDuckwing
    Other: He got lost from his clutch and the best dungeon master took care of him, surprisingly, so Steel had pretty much no choice but to be a dungeon master
    Rank:Dungeon Master
    Roo or Hen: Roo

    Color:GoldenDuckwing (hen version)
    Other: She was always nice, making lots of chickens like her but she would rather have a good friend
    Roo or Hen: Hen

    Very cold hearted and evil. Smart and witty. They are merciless fighters, barely anyone stands a chance. They keep to the trees and shadows, never even going near light unless they are going to steal something. Thier camp is surrounded by smoke, and they have no distinct scent. They challenge all trespassers, and attack any intruders. BlackFlock always have a female leader. They don't believe in StarClan, only Cherokee demons. BlackFlock have thier own code, the Black Code. Flock leader is the only one that mates. They have no true loyalty, except to their leader.


    Leader: Blackstar.
    Female, she has one iron foot, and is the creator of BlackFlock and the Black Code. She is solid black with cold blue eyes. Her tail feathers can fan outwards as a threat display, and she is merciless. Her breed is a Pheonix.
    Heir: Quickstep
    She is the heir for Blackstar, a blue orpington. She has jade green eyes and black feet.
    Medicine chicken: Littlewolf
    With black feathers and amber eyes, he's evil and smart, quick to react and known to poison other flocks waterways.
    She's a Polish with dark blue feathers and black eyes.
    Cold hearted Australorpe with icy yellow eyes. His only loyalty lies to Blackstar.
    Smart and quick hen, with dark brown feathers.
    Black langshan, witty and clever. Female.
    Dark grey with amber eyes. Male.
    Dark black feathers, so black they look blue. Female.
    Black, striped with silver. Mean and smart. Male.
    Dark grey with green tint to feathers. Hazelfern's sidekick. Female.
    He has dark black feathers and green eyes, smaller than most roos, but an excellent fighter.
    Icewing's twin brother.
    Black eyes and brown feathers, streaked with black. Female.
    Black langshan. Male.
    Dark silver male, with blue eyes
    Young black hen, close to finishing her training
    Dark grey with amber eyes.

    CheetahEye- a dark brahama cockeral who leads his 'pack' of brahama hens everywhere, causing a lot of trouble-CBL

    FuzzFeathers- a Little dark brahama pullet that looks as if she was stained brown. She follows GB around anywhere, trusting his judgement, she doesnt say much and peeps little and when ever they get in trouble they hardly notice her-CBL

    GlassFeet- a sweet brahama pullet who gets in trouble with Cheetah, she gets in trouble a lot like him and doesnt mind-AC

    SweetMilli- another brahama pullet who follows Cheetah, but she judges him often and makes him change his opinion, but she is happy doing so- CBL

    (none, yet)

    The Black Code
    1. Prey is killed, then brought back to camp.
    2. Your only loyalty lies to the flock leader.
    3. Whatever the flock leader says, you do it. No exceptions. If you challenge her word, you will be fought against.
    4. No friendships with other flocks.
    5. Betray the flock, you'll be killed.
    6. The leader and heir arrange patrols.
    7. If there is a member wishing to join, they must prove their fighting skill against three BlackFlock warriors.
    8. If there is a new member who has passed the test, they will be watched for a long period of time by the whole of BlackFlock.
    9. You fight with no mercy.
    10. BlackFlock always fights battles, they won't flee.


    The Abyss is one of the most misunderstood flocks in all the land. Though they are merciless warriors they are a very close knit family. The flock always travels together and never leaves a member by themselves. The Abyss Flock does not follow the social structures of any other flock and refuses to change any of their ways.

    Leader: DawnStar is the Leader of the Flock. She is a Jet Black Australian Pit Game Hen with dark black legs. She has a Snow white Star on her chest. -K

    Heir: DustFur is the son of DawnStar. He is a cream colored Australian Pit Game roo with light colored legs. -K

    Medicine chicken:

    BlueBell- a lavender d'uccle hen who loves to make things. She enjoys mixing things, though she doesnt like it when shes told to make poison or something along those lines. She wont help outsiders, and keeps close to MintStone and RoseClaw, she feels safer by the warriors, since she sucks at fighting-CBL


    DragonClaw- fights for his flock, doesnt enjoy the killing but is well trained and can pin a chicken fast. Its hard to beat him in a fight, he has sharpened claws and spurs, and being a bantam he uses agilty to his advantage - AC

    MintStone: A porcelain barbu d'anvers bantam-K

    RoseClaw: A Jet Black Crevecoeur with a cherry red spur on his right foot. -Kevin (K)

    IronClaw- an EE who is more often used for messages, but does well in a fight-CBL


    (None Currently)


    BlueSilk- a splash silkie chick who follows what she sees closest, and will go from following a warrior to the Heir to the leader and back to a warrior, she never cares who shes close by, as long as she can talk-CBL


    FrizStar- an old frizzle hen who used to be the leader. Shes wise and makes sure the chickens stay in order-CBL


    The HavenFlock believes that fighting should be reserved for the most urgent matters. They have been led by the same family for many, many years. All of the important roosters have Claw in their name. Their leader is always a couple, the hen takes care of the training plan for the chicks. The rooster takes care of the feeding times, where they feed, how long they are away, and works with the General to plan the military tactics used in battle. All of the roosters believe that the hens shouldn't have to work too hard, so the hens are treated with care and delicacy. All of the warriors are male, and the hens care for chicks. They are happy with the way that the flock is run.

    Name: TrueClaw
    Breed: Asil
    Color: Red Spangled
    Personality: He is kind, cares about his flock. He is not afraid to fight, and is heroic and brave in battle, but prefers not shed unnecessary blood.
    Other: BattleClaw is the general of his army and won't let him in battle. BattleClaw doesn't want to risk TrueClaw being killed.
    Rank: Lead rooster
    Roo or Hen: Roo?
    e: LittleLady98

    Name: BattleClaw
    Breed: Asil
    Color: Black
    Personality: He is brave and fearless in battle. He will not tolerate anything less than perfection in his ranks.
    Other: He is fiercely loyal to his leader. He will not risk him being killed in battle.
    Rank: General
    Roo or Hen: Roo?
    Username: LittleLady98

    Name: LittleSweetie
    Breed: Cochin
    Personality: shes shy and very poofy, making her get her name"Little"
    Other: shes very sweet and heals many,she whishes she could be a scout
    Rank: Healer
    Roo or Hen: Hen

    Name: LittleFire
    Color: Black
    Personality: She is kind, and would do anything for the flock.
    Other: She takes care of the chicks in training while TrueClaw cares for everything else.
    Rank: Lead Hen
    Roo or Hen: Hen?
    Username: LittleLady98

    Name: PaintedFeather
    Breed: Olansk
    Personality: bold, and takes risks, knows how to fight well, but prefers going on the highest of branches
    Other: doesnt enjoy being around TrueClaw, he doesnt like him cause he hates warriors and everything to do with them
    Rank: Scout
    Username: CBL

    Name: FlyBye
    Breed: JapaneseBantam
    Personality: hangs out with PaintedFeather but enjoys to follow MistleToe around
    Other: wants chicks badly, but is told she is not allowed to brood, also loves to sing and will help broodies when she can
    Rank: Scout
    Username: CBL

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    Personality:Fun Sweet moody at times
    Other:she is a awesome broody
    What Flock:pheonix
    Rank:Another Broody
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    This is CBL's sister, could you also put:
    What Flock:
  4. if something is wrong please tell me XD also put what flock your in
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    What Ranks can i Be
  6. ill fix it more tomorrow
  7. what ranks is in what flock your in, then you can be those,
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    I GTG take a Shower
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    wont let me post pics of my chickens [​IMG]... CBL is going to post the pics
    Well...Here's Blood Diamond (my sister's EE)
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