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    Mar 25, 2009
    Thanks to the county being run by a bunch of idiots who couldn't organize a riot, my chickens will probably have to spend all of next week in the coop.

    And all so that I can die of boredom while listening to some petty crook claim that no, he didn't steal that beer he had stuffed under his shirt; it climbed in there to get warm :p

    In summer time it would have been no big deal because I would have had time between sunup and when I had to leave to let them out, but it's not looking like I have that opportunity at this time of year. And my Mom's the only other one who would be around to let them out, and she's afraid of them. So poor sad chickies get stuck inside, all because the county treats jurors worse than actual criminals :p

    I'm not real upset about actually doing jury duty, because I know it's important, but I'm disgusted with how potential jurors are jerked around, screwed over, and generally treated like trash. And my chickens don't like the people who made the rules either. So there. *all 7 chickens blow a raspberry at the local government*

    Maybe if the person I get is guilty, I should suggest Death by Chickens? Or is that cruel and unusual?

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