RSL egg laying


Sep 26, 2020
idk man, no clue
Just got some red sex links that I thought were buff orphingtons. While doing my research about the breed I got mixed reports about egg laying?? Some people said that they layed for 18 months and then just couldn’t keep it up and others said they layed through most of their life. I also read articles that said red sex links lay about 270 eggs per year but also people saying they could lay up to 360?? Just hoping for some info about your experiences with the breed
Sex links, production reds etc are cross breed chickens bred for high egg count and early laying age. 250 to 280 per year is a more realistic number. I'm not a fan of them personally, when I've had them, I know that out of the 9 I had, 2 for certain never layed anything ever and I had several drop dead. But it could have been the hatchery where I got them.
Ive had them a few times. They did lay early and often but no where near an egg a day every day.
They did slow down in winter and didn't lay when moulting.
Idk that I had any that never laid but I also had some die suddenly when young and most others died between 2 and 3 years old.
They do slow down drastically after 18 months or so. Egg producers here force moult at 18 months and auction them off. Ive known many that have bought them and then complain that they don't get many eggs from them.

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