Rubber Egg!!!

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    Ok so last night one of my sexlink hens goes paralyzed on me. She is fine other than she can't walk. This is the 2nd time this hen has done this to me. The first time she did it was a month ago and I thought she was a goner. But the next day there was a normal egg where she had been laying unable to move. Phew! she didn't die. So last night she was doing it again but this time her vent was spasming. So I thought she was egg bound so I brought her in and soaked her vent and blow dried her (witch she enjoyed every bit of the process.even sleeping during.) No egg. So I thought to myself I didnt feel an egg in her at all so it must have broke. Poor girl. So I put her back in her nest box all clean and dry. Fingers crossed I opened the hen house hoping she made it thru the night. She did!!!!! And she was back up and walking just like before. She layes me huge eggs everyday. So I looked in her box to see this........


    A rubber egg and a little something eles. Glad she was able to pass it and know wonder why I didn feel it when I was checking it out. You can see the yoke and everything. I havent opens it yet to see the inside. I want to so my DH when he gets home. Funny girl. Oh and they get all the oyster shells they want.
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    Occasionaly a hen will pass an egg like that. It happens. Usually you don't find it as other hens will break it going in and out of the nest. The paralyzed thing is another concern.

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