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  1. Hey guys, I'm playing with my chicks and my RIR loves my attention. She's currently snuggled in my hand asleep, but a few times she has rubbed/wiped her beak on my hand and on my face! I put my face down next to her and she came up, pecked at my glasses, then got real close to my face and rubbed her beak in a nuzzly way on my forehead. Any idea why? Her nostrils, beak, and mouth are all clean

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    She thinks you are another Chicken :) ...[​IMG]

    Actually my chicks are not *** affectionate as your babies, but they do like to get on my feet, peck ... get on my hand, peck ... when i am moving/fixing something, like to pick on my fingers .. (not so rough but they shocks me at times)
  3. Maybe it's because when I thought they might be getting a bit cold, I wasn't ready to put them back, so I gathered them all up in my arm and they all fell asleep xD They only peck my fingers when I wiggle them around on the floor and they come to investigate


    Here's everyone snuggled up in my arm(and little Anna burrowed into my hand. The RIR in the middle is the one who was rubbing her beak on me)
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    We only had one chick in our incubator hatch, and it does the same thing to me

  5. My GLW Ruby was doing the beak rubbing thing on my hand and then she snuggled into it and fell asleep. They are all real snuggly birds right now. And Ruby's real chatty
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    Do you think that has something to do with the far that it has no one else to love and to keep them company?
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    Uhh, they just posted a picture of all of the chicks. I think it has company. [​IMG]

    It seems to me that it was just being cuddly. I had one like that once. Enjoy their fluffy, cuddly, and soft stage while you can! Before you know, they'll be big chickens, demanding you feed them treats 24/7!

  8. I have 6 chicks that all live, sleep, play, eat, and drink together. She's definitely not starved of contact with other chickens. She probably was just wanting to be snuggled and warm while she slept.
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    hi everyone in chuck chuck land,my name is katey and lm new on here. l have been checking out your site for about 6 weeks now for advice because l have quite accidently aquired a chicken, or rather, a chicken has adopted me. Approx 6 sundays ago a young plump chick appeared at my back door which was open as l was tidying up the garden and had come in to make a cuppa. I said hello who are you as it made its way into the living room and up onto hubbies armchair and promptly fell asleep.I was very surprised, as you can imagine. Now my dad had a hen pen for many years so l happen to know that it is a silky bantam and was approx 8wks old 6 weeks ago but that is the extent of my knowledge.It had a snooze for about 10 mins, must have had a long walk from somewhere, l was in the kitchen when it awoke and turned around to find it stood behind me so l gave it some bread crumbs and water which it gobbled up. It then proceeded to follow me back into the living room, hopped up onto the coffee table and we both watched a bit of judge judy on tv during which it jumped from the coffee table to the arm of the sofa climbed up my arm and perched on my shoulder snuggling into my hair. I was absolutley astounded, i have never seen anything like it. I know you probably dont believe me, l wouldnt either, but honestly its true, thats why lm on here. This chicken thinks its a dog or a cat, it sits on our knees or at our feet and follows me everywhere, its perched on the back of the computer chair as lm writing although it prefers the back of the sofa facing the tv. Its not very happy at the moment because of the fireworks all weekend, usually theres a lot of 'cooing' and 'trilling' noises. Ihad absolutely no idea what to do with him and was soo amazed at what it was doing, so l decided to keep him for a bit to see what it would do next, I clearly didnt think this through. A couple of weeks later l discovered him attacking his reflection in the wardrobe mirror, he has the run of the house by the way, l knew then he was a cockeral, then the cock a doodle doos sort of gave it away as well, albeit a pathetic attempt but he's getting better, or worse as the case may be cos hes at it all the time much to hubbies annoyance when hes trying to kip between jobs lol, l shouldnt laugh, it is a bit much. He is also a poo machine, l have had to put covers over the soft furnishings, l am trying to potty train him at the moment with in kitty litter trays, instructions from the internet, its a work in progress lol.slow progress.I've got him a little coop at the bottom of the garden where he goes when lm going out but l dont think hes very keen, and he sleeps in a big cardboard box on straw, a cover and a teddy for company, in the computer room at night. Ive called him paxo boomerang mcbuk. Im muddling through, any advice would be appreciated x

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    hello its me katey again, just to say lm rubbish on computers, lve fudged my way here, so it may take me a while to get back here again cos l dont know what threads or posts are l just pressed the reply and submit buttons to write this, l get lost and confused very easily, lm a bit of a technophobe so please bear with me ty x

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