Rumpless Orp?

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Apr 19, 2009
Fall Creek Falls TN
This girl (Blue Bubbles) is filling out completely different than her black sister. They are not quite to POL, and the sister looks like an Australorp at the moment. BB reminds me or an Aracauna(sp?) Is she ever going to get a proper tail?
Anyone else had this happen?

Well, that is a proper tail for an Orp, actually. They don't really have upright tails like many breeds do. She's not rumpless, which is a condition where there is a part missing that would hold the tail( maybe I didnt say that right.)
Really? I don't remember my what my buffs looked like at that age. Here is the sister- she has the opposite kind of butt:

Here she is with a younger Orp we call Itsaroosternoitsahen:
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Your blue orpington is a rooster. That`s why his tail is different from his sister. Blue orp roos have the tendency to resemble a ball with a head and legs sticking out of it. ALL of my blue orp roos looked exactly like him at that age.
Oh I was hoping for a big blue guy! I gave up when I thought it was a girl. Why is he so small? My buff Orp roo is twice the size of his sister.

ETA- the buffs are 4 weeks or so younger- and the roo is way bigger than BB- is it a color thing?
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