1. kada6305

    kada6305 Songster

    Mar 13, 2013
    Kersey, Pennsylvania
    I currently have 7 chickens. 6 hens 1 rooster. I plan on getting silkies soon. I have my chickens free ranging during the day but not sure about the silkies running with them or not so here are my plans:

    a 6x6 coop.

    I have two ideas for a run.
    1. 15X8
    2. 50x20- would be divided down the middle with two doors leading into each section and would alternate which section the chickens would go into every few days to try to keep it from turning into a desert. Would also have a dsmall area around the coop of about 20X12 that they would have access t at all times.

    May use this idea for my current flock as well.

    How many silkies could I house in a 6x6 with the runs attached?

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